moderated Re: Windows 2010 and Edge

Marilyn Bland <tinkerbelltx@...>

Hello all,

I'm in panic mode. I have been out of my classroom for several weeks over the summer and went back yesterday to begin preparing for the upcoming semester.

Windows 2007 and IE was what I was using, but upon booting up I discovered that all computers had been upgraded to Windows 2010 and Edge. While JAWS did come up, it did not start announcing things as usual, so I didn't know the log in screen was up, and after much tabbing and entering, eventually got logged in. When I tried opening a program that used the internet, I again could not get logged in because it wouldn't take my password. Usually I hear *****when typing in the password field, but only heard the exact keys I was typing. I couldn't get in anywhere other than my school email, which is now Outlook 2016 instead of 2013. Again, here all configurations are disturbed.

I have no idea how to even begin getting my setup functional for me again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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