moderated Re: Jaws 2019 and desktop shortcut keys

David Csercsics <bleeblat@...>

I have noticed many issues with JAWS, that make it nearly unusable for me. I'm just running it in demo mode, so maybe I shouldn't comment, as I doubt Freedom Scientific would like that kind of feedback. But 2 or 3 times now I have returned to my keyboard to find it unusable after the system had been idle for awhile. It also took out the braille display. I can duplicate the shortcut key problem as well, though it seems to happen randomly. Sometimes the keyboard driver will crash if I type too fast, and this is also true of the braille translator. This happens frequently enough that it can be quite annoying. I have other issues, some of which are keyboard related, but those are the ones that would be related to your shortcut issue.

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