moderated Notifications Window Really Getting Annoying

Steve Matzura

Every time a Windows 10 notification appears that of course cannot be read, some programs' windows become unreadable. Winamp is one of these. Until the notification is cleared, Winamp is completely inaccessible. There are others, but they're not very common so I won't list them. Does anybody have any ideas, tips, tricks, suggestions, as to how to read these notifications and get rid of them? I had one yesterday for a Java run-time update, now today I have another one that I just can't find anywhere. Sometimes a Malwarebytes update will display one of these kinds of windows, too, so I looked into that. No updates pending. Sometimes regular old Windows Update does it; ditto, no updates pending today. I tried restarting Windows, and still no access. This is just maddening! And of course, JAWS says there's no window to OCR. Ditto NVDA, just in case you think to ask. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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