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ARORA Meesha

Yes, the Windows key + D lands on the desktop… the keyboard commands are working fine, it’s just that the issue is JAWS not speaking on all the system menus as it should.

Thank you.




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As far as settings goes, that is Jaws.

I use Narrator when in settings.

The business of Windows 10 saying Cortana when you tap the Windows Key is a Windows 10 thing. Sometimes if you double tap the Windows Key it will say search, but that only worked a few times for me.

I just treat Cortana like the old search box'.

If you hit Windows key plus d, do you land on your desktop?





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On Jul 25, 2019, at 3:02 AM, ARORA Meesha <meesha.arora@...> wrote:

Hello all,

I have recently joined this group and find the information shared very informative.

Hope someone can help me with the below query…

I am trying to install JAWS 19 in my laptop with Windows home”  basic after uninstalling JAWS 2018. The problem is JAWS is silent on various items on the PC like – on the start menu, it only speaks “Cortana” and nothing else. Then it is silent when I open system settings folder or open the option to connect to a network.

I have already performed the full recovery couple of times however the problem persists.

Has anybody faced a similar issue? I would really appreciate any insights to resolve this.

Many thanks

Meesha Arora

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