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Rick Mladek

Hi Bill, I found it within the menu bar under options. I had been going through the options under the file tab to no avail and even the message tab on the menu bar. Finally, enough arrowing this way and that found what I was needing. All within my future messages with this now checked.

Thanks for your assistance again...

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Hi, Rick.

To Reveal Or Hide BCC field While Composing A Message

The BCC field is not visible by default. Press Alt + P, followed by B while in a new message. This is a toggle to the Options BCC field and will either show or hide the BCC field depending on its state when the keyboard command is pressed. You will not be able to do this unless you are already in a new email message which you are composing.

Bill White

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Subject: BCC with Outlook 2019

Hello all,

Can anyone tell me how to put the BCC field within my Outlook email messages sent?



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