moderated Re: JAWS 19 installation on windows 10

David Csercsics

I’m not sure getting Nvidia helps all that much, considering that I have an Nvidia card here and there is still a lot of JAWS weirdness, but NVDA reads fine. I get quite a few crashes when the computer is idle, but not sleeping, as this is a desktop and I have  turned off all power management. I’ve frequently  come back from being away from the keyboard to find that JAWS has taken out the keyboard and the braille display with it. Not sure if this is a graphics card issue, but I’d be willing to investigate. I checked to make sure I had all the latest updates, but I didn’t see anything newer than what I have, as  the drivers from Nvidia for this card appear to be the same as the drivers that I could find on Windows update. I’ve also noticed a few things in universal apps not reading correctly, as you say, and I’ve unchecked the “use accessibility driver” option in the settings center, but it made no difference.

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