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Hi, Steve. That's because you only have notification persistence set to five seconds. If you want the notifications to persist longer,

1. Open Control Panel.
2. Open Ease of Access.
3. Open Use the Computer Without a Display.
4. Change the setting which reads,
How long should Windows notification dialog boxes stay open?
Set it to a longer period of time.
5. TAB to the Apply button, and press ENTER.
6. TAB to the OK button and press ENTER.

Now these notifications will stay open longer, so you can get to them, and interact with them.

Bill White

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I get these notification windows frequently. In fact,I got one yesterday
that inhibited my ability to use Winamp. It turned out to be a window
telling me my computer would restart to apply some updates during
inactive hours, etc., etc., blah blah blah, but could I read it? NO!
Could I do anything to let Winamp come into focus so I could even close
it? Actually yes, but I had to do it within a split second after
Alt-Tabbing to the Winamp window, otherwise the notification window
would overwrite it and I'd lose focus again. Ver'r'r'r'ry annoying!

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