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Zel Iscel

Does the computer have an Intel Graphic card?

I’ve recently found out that Intel graphics sits over the processor and can disrupt the running of other big software like Jaws. I’ve been advised to get a computer with NVIDIA or MDA intel which operates independently from the processor.


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It is an HP EliteDesk 800 Mini PC and I have 2 of them, only difference is that one has an I5 CPU (the one where Jaws doesn’t read Settings etc.) and the other has an I7 CPU. Both of them are sixth generation and the specs otherwise are identical. Software is very much the same and Jaws first read everything fine when I installed Windows 10 Professional on these last year in April. These systems still came with Windows 7 at the time (a Windows 10 license downgraded to Windows 7) and I did a completely new install of Windows 10 from USB media, e.g. deleted all partitions, created new partitions and formatted the SSD drives, then installed Windows 10, afterwards I installed all my applications and Jaws. Both systems run Office via Office 365 download, my Microsoft point of sale software (they are both computers used in my retail store) and I have dealt with Jaws elevated support on this last year with no success. The computer where this is happening is our main register and I don’t use it all that much since it is mostly my sighted staff using it and I have simply put up with it for now using Narrator if I need to do anything in Settings. It would be too much work for me at this point to wipe this system clean and reinstall Windows on it, it has a plug-in from my credit card processor installed to connect our point of sale system with their PinPad and all in all it’s just to o disruptive right now to do this.



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Hi Sieghard,

Is that computer the same make and model as the others?

Does it run software that other computers of yours don’t run?

Could this be a case where Jaws is clashing with the video or graphics cards?




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Hi Meesha,


Yes, unfortunately I have the same issue on one of my work PC’s, I can use any application just fine, but Jaws will not speak in the Windows search box, the start menu, the Settings app, control Panel, Calculator and other Windows applications.

I an on the Jaws beta team and know a few others have also experienced this, but it seems to be rare and an illusive issue to fix, for me this started over a year ago on this one PC and so far no Windows update, Jaws update, Windows repair or Jaws repair/reinstallation has fixed it. I am convinced that unfortunately the only way to fix this would be to reinstall Windows absolutely fresh and from scratch.

I am running the current Beta version of Jaws, but I think the June update already included an alternative way to display the start menu and for me Jaws now reads the start menu on this machine, but still not the Settings app, Windows search box or Calculator.

Open Jaws Settings Centre with Jaws Key + 6 on the number row, make sure default settings are loaded by pressing Control + Shift + D, then type “access” in the search box. Tab once and you should have 3 search results, one of them is the following:

Start menu: Access Out-of-Process not checked

Check that and tab to OK and save the new setting, then try the start menu.

Sorry I can’t provide an actual solution/fix for it, but so far I don’t think there is one except to reinstall Windows 10, then reinstall Jaws, all your applications and put back your data from backup.


Best regards,



In the June update of Jaws

have also

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Subject: JAWS 19 installation on windows 10


Hello all,

I have recently joined this group and find the information shared very informative.

Hope someone can help me with the below query…

I am trying to install JAWS 19 in my laptop with Windows home”  basic after uninstalling JAWS 2018. The problem is JAWS is silent on various items on the PC like – on the start menu, it only speaks “Cortana” and nothing else. Then it is silent when I open system settings folder or open the option to connect to a network.

I have already performed the full recovery couple of times however the problem persists.

Has anybody faced a similar issue? I would really appreciate any insights to resolve this.

Many thanks

Meesha Arora

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