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Sorry, I forgot this, but Richard is correct, you can work around this by using Narrator for changing any Settings and the Jaws touch cursor also works in Settings.

If you have to frequently use the Calculator it is still a pain in the neck though because Jaws also does not read the Calculator.


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As far as settings goes, that is Jaws.

I use Narrator when in settings.

The business of Windows 10 saying Cortana when you tap the Windows Key is a Windows 10 thing. Sometimes if you double tap the Windows Key it will say search, but that only worked a few times for me.

I just treat Cortana like the old search box'.

If you hit Windows key plus d, do you land on your desktop?





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On Jul 25, 2019, at 3:02 AM, ARORA Meesha <meesha.arora@...> wrote:

Hello all,

I have recently joined this group and find the information shared very informative.

Hope someone can help me with the below query…

I am trying to install JAWS 19 in my laptop with Windows home”  basic after uninstalling JAWS 2018. The problem is JAWS is silent on various items on the PC like – on the start menu, it only speaks “Cortana” and nothing else. Then it is silent when I open system settings folder or open the option to connect to a network.

I have already performed the full recovery couple of times however the problem persists.

Has anybody faced a similar issue? I would really appreciate any insights to resolve this.

Many thanks

Meesha Arora

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