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JM Casey

So, I only got these a couple of years ago on my Windows 10 box. Seems I downloaded the versions provided on Brian Smart's site. But, I'm not really sure that much was done with them. I think they're the most recent versions by Kitchen himself. Maybe the menu programme is new, and they are voiced by Microsoft David, in my case, but it's probably the Sapi voice that was also available in Windows 7.
So, while I’m not 100% certain/wouldn't bank a ton of money on it, I'm willing to suppose that if you have something that works in Windows 7, you should be able to get it to work with 10 also. Windows is pretty downward compatible in general. I know some people have had trouble with games using directx, but even then, a little searching on the internet will usually provide all the components you need.

The games are all right; not too stimulating to me for the most part, but the baseball game is ... oddly relaxing.

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this maybe a long shot, but the battleship game is not announcing the coordinates as my sister moves about the grid. does anyone know of a fix or can suggest how to maybe fix this issue?

also would like to know if the games have been ported to work in Windows
10 so I can install the games when I finally upgrade?

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