Moderated OneNote 2013 with JAWS 2019 Questions

Walker, Michael E



What is the fastest way I can get up and running reading OneNote documents with OneNote 2013 and JAWS 2019? The context for this question is that when I am at work, the teammate doing knowledge transfer with me pulls up a OneNote with the information. I am trying to help him understand JAWS. He thinks that if I just play with OneNote, I will learn it, but I also explained that there can be accessibility commands, depending on the app I am using, and “jumping in” can be a learning curve of its own. I do not have a lot of time to look at documentation for how to use OneNote or other programs, while he is just wanting me to be able to look at content within the program. I do not need to edit the OneNote either. I just need to be able to read it. What tips do you have for getting started?


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