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Gerald Levy

My understanding is thatJim Kitchen passed away before he had an opportunity to modify his suite of games to work with Windows 10.?? If somebody else modified them to work with Windows 10, I would certainly be interested in the web site where they can be downloaded.


On 7/24/2019 12:50 PM, Richard Turner wrote:
I don't have an answer yet for the issue since I am at work.
But, someone did produce them for Windows 10.
When I get home I will see if I can duplicate the issue.

Here is the link to an archive of Jim's games:


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On Jul 24, 2019, at 7:56 AM, Mario <mrb620@...> wrote:

this maybe a long shot, but the battleship game is not announcing the
coordinates as my sister moves about the grid. does anyone know of a fix
or can suggest
how to maybe fix this issue?

also would like to know if the games have been ported to work in Windows
10 so I can install the games when I finally upgrade?

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