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You must have strange tradesman in your town, I never have problems getting a plumber or electrician for a small job, sometimes if they are busy it may take a bit, but they always come. Not long ago my guest bathroom shower only produced a very pitiful dribble of water, I called a plumber on Saturday evening and while he said he could not promise he could make it Sunday (and he didn’t) he was there at 8:30 AM on Monday. He took apart the mixer, didn’t see a problem and put it all back together and it worked which he said can sometimes happen if a bit of dirt or something gets stuck. He charged me his minimum 1-hour fee which was I think $80 + tax.


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I found most contractors won’t even come unless it is a job that can net them$10,000 dollars or more. This includes all tradesman.   


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 When I started using the app or year and a half ago, all I had to do was review three contractors. After that I would have gotten a $50 gift card. I was not able to do more than one review and I had to do that with cited assistance. Guess I never will get my $50.

 I’ve decided not to use HomeAdvisor anymore. There are other ways to find contractors to do work and on my home. 


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Hi DJ, well, this is disheartening but I appreciate you telling me of your experience. Although it probably won’t do any good, I’m going to contact them about their web site. Guess I’ll get a sighted person to help me get a review submitted. Thanks again, Norma



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 Don’t hold your breath. I’ve left multiple reviews in the App Store as well as contacted home advisor multiple times about this problem. They do not have a clue about accessibility, nor do they care. I’ve tried talking with them about the website using a computer with draws, as well as iOS. Every time they put a new update out on the App Store they boast about adding  more pros, but absolutely nothing about adding accessibility support. They should be ashamed of themselves.




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Hi group,

If anyone has successfully completed the form on Home Advisor to review a pro, I'd love to know how you did it. I'm using latest Jaws on Win 10 with I.E., Firefox, Chrome and Brave. Using the touch cursor with Jaws and I.E. seemed ok, but I'm having difficulty moving around the form fields.
Alternatively, if anyone has used the Android app to complete the review process, please let me know, as I can go that way, as well.

Thanks, Norma

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