moderated Re: what setting is needed to read links character by character

John Covici

I think you would have to right click on the link and either copy it
to the clipboard, or inspect (called various names in different
browsers) and look at it that way.

On Tue, 23 Jul 2019 06:19:25 -0400,
Rick Mladek wrote:

Hello again,

I hope I'm not becoming a nuisance lol.

Going through the internet this morning, I'm attempting to read links character by character to truly know what the link is before I click on it or when an individual's name, to know the correct spelling. I attempt to go arrow key character by character but it only reads the entire link. What setting do I need to reset to allow links to read by character and not by the whole name? I went through default settings and could not figure this out, also the quick settings.

Thanks again and hope not to be a bother,


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