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Have you considered "gluing" the Access 2003 scripts into the scripts for
JAWS 13? Or it may be that all you need do is go into the keyboard manager
and set them up again. I did that for Excel when JAWS 12 came out and
removed some of my favorite hotkeys and scripts. I copied the script
language from JAWS 11 into JAWS 12 and recompiled. Then I opened the
keyboard manager and reassigned the hotkeys.

In JAWS 13 they fixed the script file to put them back and set up a
completely weird set of hotkeys. So I reassigned those scripts to my old
standby hotkeys.

Dave Carlson
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Good news! JAWS 13 works noticeably better with Access 2010 than
does JAWS 12. With both JAWS 12 and 13 on my windows 7 computer, I
can tell immediately which one is running with Access. The bad news
is that all the JAWS hotkeys for 2003 are gone, but I can tab across
the row and get JAWS to read any cell.

Thanks a bunch, FS. Keep up the good work!

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