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Van Lant, Robin

Here at work, my shortcuts are working, including my Internet Explorer shortcut. I’m running the May update on JAWS here on Windows 10.  At home I up running the latest JAWS on Windows 10 and have noticed that my Internet Explorer shortcut wasn’t working , but hadn’t really looked into it.  I’ll go run some testing on it tonight. I cannot recall if my other shortcuts are working, largely because those programs just sit open.






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Subject: Re: Jaws 2019 blocking desktop shortcut keystrokes


I have been having this same problem, mainly with the Internet Explorer shortcut. In order to get it to work, I have to arrow to the shortcut and press ENTER on the shortcut. The hotkey assignment refuses to work much of the time.


Bill White



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Subject: Jaws 2019 blocking desktop shortcut keystrokes



I have done a clean install of both Jaws 2019, and Jaws 2018 on my Windows home 64 bit dell laptop.


If Jaws 2019 is running, the shortcut keystrokes I have set for my various programs do not work.  IE, alt+shift+o for Outlook.

But, if I unload Jaws 2019 and run Jaws 2018 and press alt+shift+o Outlook opens.


These are the latest versions of both Jaws editions.


I obviously like some of the features in Jaws 2019, but will be running Jaws 2018 for the most part unless I can resolve this bloody annoying issue.


Thanks for any thoughts,




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