moderated Re: can jaws read page numbers using adobe acrobat reader DC?

Russell Solowoniuk

Hi Marvin,

If you press CTRL + Shift + N, you will be placed in an edit box where you can type a page number, and then press enter to jump to the page number you typed in. Before you type a number though, the number of the page you are currently on will be in the edit field. This is how I check to see what page I am currently on. So, just press CTRL + Shift + N and you will see the page number you are on. Then press escape to close the "Go to page" dialogue box.

Hope this helps.


On Jul 21, 2019, at 5:01 PM, marvin kotler <m.kotler53@...> wrote:

Good evening listers; how do you get jaws to read a page number in adobe acrobat reader DC?I do not use this program much, that is why I am asking.  
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