moderated Re: Speech Cutting Out and Jaws not able to read what I Type

ben <swigjr23@...>

Hello Randy,

I have had this problem before, and I restarted JAWS, which seemed to fix it. If that doesn't work, you might try restarting the computer. 

I can't think of anything else to try. Good luck. 

Ben Swiggett

On Jul 18, 2019, at 10:27 PM, Randy Meyer <randymeyer@...> wrote:

Two problems happening this evening.


First, my speech is cutting out both when using alt-tab and shift-h.


When using alt-tab Jaws is not always saying the full name of the open program.  When using shift-h to jump backwards by heading in BookShare in chrome, Jaws is not always reading the entire heading, but when I h to read by heading, I am not having a problem.


Second problem, Jaws will not read by character or word in MS word or outlook when typing a message.  It appears to be working when reading a message I receive, but not one I am typing.


I had to use narrator to type, edit, and most importantly review and read this email.


Randy Meyer

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