moderated Re: bookmarks chrome RE: best web browser to use with JAWS?

Steve Nutt

Control+Shift+B is your friend I believe.


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Subject: Re: bookmarks chrome RE: best web browser to use with JAWS?


That's very nice but it still needs to be resolved if Chrome is not the default browser.  I can't find my new bookmarks in Chrome but only if I do a search for them.  Where the heck are they stored?  I'm sorry if this has already been discussed, which I think is the case.


Maria Campbell
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There is a nice and easy way to deal with bookmarks in Chrome, favorites in IE, etc. Personally, I think that accessing and managing bookmarks in Chrome in Firefox is very clunky. By contrast, it is extremely easy to access and manage favorites in IE.


If you create a desktop shortcut for your favorites folder, you can open the favorites in whatever browser you have chosen as your default. I have Chrome as my default browser, maintain all my favorites in IE, and open them from the desktop with Chrome. I make no effort to maintain bookmarks in Chrome or Firefox, And in Windows 10, it is very easy to change your default browser via the Control Panel.






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