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Russell Solowoniuk

Hi Sieghard,

Thanks for your response! I'm thinking that I may purchase a cherry Blue keyboard for my iMac at home and if it's not too noisy, I'll purchase a Windows one for work. If it's too noisy, maybe I'll look at getting a cherry brown one for work. Right now I can't afford both because we just did a whole lot of kitchen Renos so funding is a little tight!

Yes, please let me know what the cherry brown keyboard is like, if you get one.

Thanks again.


On Jul 17, 2019, at 9:43 AM, Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...> wrote:

Hello Russell,
That’s difficult to say, I guess if you are a very fast typist and if you tend to hit the keys hard you could really go to town on this keyboard and somebody who was very close by could find it distracting.
I haven’t yet gotten a Das Keyboard 4 Professional with Cherry Brown switches, but I do plan to order one just to satisfy my curiosity and see if I like it better than the one with the blue switches. Once I do I’ll let you know.
As for the Insert key, it most certainly has it because it is about as classic a keyboard as it can be regarding the keys and layout, it has a Windows key on both sides of the spacebar as well as the application key on the right and it then has the traditional inverted T arrow keys and the 6-pack of keys above that with Insert/Delete, Home/End and Page Up/Page down.
I’ll probably order another 2, one more Blue and one with Brown switches, then I’ll decide which one I like best and send the other one back. For my own office I decided for now that I will stick with the Logitech G613 primarily because it is wireless and gives me the option to easily and quickly switch to my iPhone if I need to type a longer message there. But when it comes to built quality, the media controls and strictly the typing experience the Das Keyboard wins, but the Logitech is also very good which is why the other 1 or 2 Pros are enough that I decided to keep it in the office. I guess the other test will be how both keyboards do after a year or two.
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Hi Sieghard,
Would the Das Keyboard 4 Professional be okay to use in a shared work environment? I'm wondering if the clicking sound would annoy my co-workers? Is the Cherry Brown version the identical keyboard, but only quieter?

Also, one Amazon customer review said that the keyboard didn't have an Insert key. Is this true?



On Jul 12, 2019, at 10:34 PM, Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...> wrote:
Well, as a final note I will say that now that I received my Das Keyboard 4 Professional which is a wired mechanical keyboard without the 6 gaming keys on the side I am truly impressed. I think for a non-gamer who simply wants an awesome keyboard for typing/office use it is about as good as it gets. It has a Windows key on each side of the spacebar and a working application key and it has a beautiful volume knob and media keys. Apart from that it’s just a fantastic keyboard with a regular old-style layout, good spacing between the blocks of function keys and all that. It is made from aluminum and while it is wired, it has only 1 USB plug, but there are 2 USB ports on the back of the keyboard which for me is great because I have sighted staff so I can continue to use a wireless mouse and use 1 port to plug in the mini USB receiver so I am not actually using up more ports on the computer. For my main register computer in my store I could even use the second port to plug in the USB barcode scanner.
I chose the version with the Cherry Blue switches which make a very satisfying click and the typing experience is just superb. You can also get it with Cherry Brown switches which are quieter and a bit softer, apparently more like the Romer-G switches Logitech has developed for the G613. When I first got that keyboard and got a bit used to it I thought I really liked it, but I must say the Cherry Blue switches on the 4 Professional are really something and I think this will be my keyboard of choice even though it is quite expensive and it’s wired. The main thing I like about the G613 is the fact that it is wireless and allows me to use it on the PC with the Lightspeed USB dongle and also to connect my iPhone via Bluetooth so that a simply button push switches between the two, but that is more convenience and I may give it up for the typing experience of the Das Keyboard.
The G-keys on the G613 are nice in a way and programming them with a few macros or commands  is OK, but I don’t think I would miss them especially not if I can again get used to having a Windows key on both sides which makes keyboard shortcuts like Windows Key + 1 through 5 or 6 much more convenient since I don’t have to reach all the way across with the right hand to press either the Windows key or one of the number keys on the left.
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More throw? Could you elaborate on what you mean by that? Does that refer to the travel of the keys as some speak of? Is this keyboard also made by Logitech? Does it also make use of a USB receiver type of apparatus and what batteries does it use? Why did you choose to have both of these keyboards? Do you have different use cases for each?
Thanks for expounding.
From: Curtis Delzer
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the g-skill, looks a lot like this g613, with the same six keys down the left side, but 2 advantages; (1) you can program the macros yourself, and (2) there are three configurations you can save, e.g. if you've a set of macros in configuration one, and another in two, you save configuration three for the out-of-the-box configuration so you can have a dependable one you are sure of. I have both keyboards the g-skill 2980 and Logitech G613, and both of the setup utilities are not speech friendly except the reset function of the g-skill. I bought this g-skill from Amazon for about $80.
The way you program the macros yourself without sight is to press macro record, the key you wish to use, and then the sequence you want, and then turn macro record off. The only advantage of the software recording the macro is you can make it lightning fast, instead from direct keyboard recording is that the time and rhythms are also recorded, though it begins typing at the instant you touch, not waiting for a moment which you might have used getting your hands ready to record the macro. 
This G-skill has very nice switches in it, with more throw as such than the g613, but, again, as in any keyboard, when you switch to it, you immediately get use to it's throw.
Curtis Delzer 
K 6 V F O
Rialto, CA
On 7/7/2019 5:49 AM, Sieghard Weitzel wrote:
I thought it would be OK to post a brief review here on the Logitech G613 wireless mechanical gaming keyboard since just as myself I assume others also are always looking for the “perfect” keyboard.
This Logitech G613 “Lightspeed” wireless mechanical gaming keyboard can connect to iOS via Bluetooth and to a PC using the supplied USB receiver which then let’s you take advantage of the “Lightspeed” 1 millisecond delay which is pretty impressive (if you connect to a PC with Bluetooth this does not apply and while it’s probably still just as good as any other Bluetooth keyboard, it sort of makes sense to make the most of this keyboard’s features).
I still use my trusty Logitech K780 at home where I have it connected to my laptop via Bluetooth as well as to my iPhone and Apple TV, but I bought the G613 for my main PC at work and I must say so far it’s getting pretty close to that perfect score.
Unlike most wired mechanical gaming keyboards this does not have all the fancy RGB lighting options which of course is fine for me. The one thing I am not super fond of are the 6 F1 through fF6 function keys in a vertical column down the left side of the keyboard with maybe half an inch of space between them and the left most keys like Control, Shift, Caps Lock, Tab, ` and Escape. But I also bought a wired Logitech mechanical keyboard and it also has them, most mechanical keyboards are designed for gamers rather than people who want a mechanical keyboard for typing. It takes a bit of getting used to not accidently pressing them. gamers can configure these keys as macro keys to perform whatever actions gamers want.
Apart from that the keyboard has a very traditional layout with nice spaces between the blocks of function keys, the inverted cursor T, the 6-pack with Insert/Delete, Page Up/Down and Home/End, of course the number pad and above that it has 4 more slightly lower media keys for Play/Pause, Stop, Rewind and Forward.
At the very top is a slider switch which locks the Windows key which apparently gamers like so they don’t accidently press it and Cortana/the search box pops up, then there are two buttons which switch between the USB Lightspeed connection and the Bluetooth connection and once the Bluetooth connection to the iPhone has been established all it takes is to press the Bluetooth button in order to switch to the phone and the USB button to switch back.
On the very top right is a large key which is a volume rocker, press the left side for down and the right side for up and beside that is a Mute button. Finally on the right side towards the back is a on/off slider switch.
The keyboard runs on 2 AA batteries and is supposed to give you 18 month of battery life.
There is a proper application key on the right side of the spacebar which works, but there is no Windows key on the right side which is something you don’t hardly see any more.
Logitech uses their own Romer-G switches and not Cherry MXswitches. The Romer-G are most like Cherry Brown, a nice distance of travel, but not hard to press and relatively quiet for mechanical keys.
They do take a bit of getting used to, but I quite like them. For those who want to read more about them, below is a link to a review from Tom’s Hardware:
The other nice thing about this keyboard is it’s relatively reasonable price, I paid $129.99 Canadian for it, believe I read that on a good deal you can pick it up in the US for as low as $70 US.
Wireless mechanical keyboards are not out there too much yet, I did find a couple more made by the company “Das Keyboard” but they are more expensive although I may order them from Amazon to test and if I don’t like them at least as much or better send them back. My other 2 computers at my store where I have a Logitech MK510 keyboard and mouse combo both start to show their wear on the keyboards and I want to see if using mechanical keyboards won’t change the fact that many of the keyboards which are mostly out there these days are typically done after 2 or at most 3 years of heavy use.
As with all mechanical keyboards keep in mind that the Logitech G613 is heavy compared to other non-mechanical wireless keyboards.
And one last thing which is nice, this keyboard has function keys which work as function keys out of the box and as much as I also like my K780, it’s a bit of a pain to have to install the not very accessible Logitech Options software just so you can change the function keys to behave like function keys instead of media keys.
Happy typing,

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