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Chris Hill

Well, last time I needed to do the job, I didn't use anything special.  All I did was use image for windows.  I had enough room to back the drive up to one of my other drives, then restore it onto the new drive after resizing partitions and all to make the the old hdd fit onto my new smaller ssd.  This is not exactly a project for the uninitiated, but I made it work twice on different systems.


On 7/16/2019 14:11, Randy Barnett wrote:

Sorry, forgot to mention with win 10 being accessible during the install it may be just as easy to do a clean install of windows and reinstall your apps. Unless you have dozens of apps it wont be any slower than a clone and everything will be fresh.

Just copy your user folder under c::\users\your user account from yor old drive to the new drive.

If you use a microsoft account to sign in and you have the sync settings enabled all your settings will be set the way you had them on the current PC.

On 7/15/2019 10:49 AM, John Doering wrote:


Can anyone recommend free software to enable me to clone my hard drive to an external drive?

I was using Macrium Reflect but since the last update, I get an error I cannot get past.  I tried to find a way to contact Macrium to let them know about it but was unable to get to them.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


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