moderated How do you activate the Windows key to search for something with JAWS on a Focus keyboard?

Kevin Minor



I’m currently running the latest version of both Windows 10 and JAWS 2019, and I’d really like to know how in the world you do this on a Focus Perkins braille keyboard.  All I want to do is to do a search in Windows for something, such as adding a Bluetooth connection.  On a regular QWERTY keyboard, all I do is just press and release the Windows key, and I’m in the search field.  On the Focus, however, when I enter the Windows key command, it waits for me to issue another keystroke to do something.  The ALT keys are the same way.  All I want to do is hit these keys and have them by themselves do something, rather than be key modifiers.  How do I do this?  Help!


Thanks in advance for any info on this.


Kevin and Jilly

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