moderated Re: IE 11 browser problem

Randy Barnett

Hi, I have not had any issues with TB being slow. Although for those that have there are fixes . As it is usually a problem with the install or settings not that TB is in and of itself slow... Look for the Thunderbird group on This group can really help.

On 7/10/2019 3:32 PM, David Csercsics wrote:
Yes, firefox has indeed become a bit slow, and the same for thunderbird, but the trouble is that I don't really want to use google chrome because it seems less customizable than firefox and doesn't have reader mode, and I'm not sure about privacy, so I may just have to try edge. I'd like to make sure that only the people tracking me are ones that I have asked to track, but I'm not sure chrome lets you do that. And I haven't really found a good mail client either. I suppose I could use the Windows one, but it seems to have a slimmer interface, and I have a lot of thunderbird customizations, so I'm still sticking with firefox for historical reasons. I suspect a lot of others have noticed similar.

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