moderated Some braille questions

David Csercsics <bleeblat@...>

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, and I don't intend to start a flame war or anything of the sort, but I have a couple questions. I have a Brailliant BI 40, and I prefer to use braille for everything. The main thing I'm having trouble with finding out is the state of Jaws refreshable braille support. I'm currently using NVDA with the braille extender add-on, and it seems to do quite a lot. Jaws braille support looks quite good, but I wonder which things it does differently or possibly better than my current setup. I read quite a lot of different things, some of which are quite technical, i.e. math, logic, computer science, philosophy and that sort of thing, so I was wondering if a Jaws subscription would beĀ  worth the trouble, or not. The difference isn't obvious just playing with it. Yes, a lot has to do with personal preference but I was just wondering if I'd missed something. I've always heard that Jaws had the best braille support of any of the screen readers and I've decided to look at it and see what's up. Also, for those that use braille a lot, do you find it helpful to have an extra display to carry around? The BI 40 seems to be reasonably compact for a 40-cell display and seems to work well, but sometimes I do a lot of traveling, and wondered if a smaller display would be worth the trouble. I have large hands though and I like the 40 cell displays a lot: I find it's a good size. But again, was there something I didn't consider? I have an iphone 8 plus, which I quite like for reading books when I'm out, but do these newer smaller displays have anything I'd care about, or would I just end up wearing out the panning buttons and my hands? Thank you for reading this.

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