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its jaws accessible. but as of 2 days ago i couldn't place an order.
when i tried to check out i had to log back on, solve a captcha, and give them a cellphone number, which i didn't want to do , before the order would go through. no thanks.
i had to use the amazon fire stick to place the order. the order went through this way.

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Hi Laura,

It's certainly possible to purchase items without sighted help. I've had an account for over 15 years though so don't know if the sign up process is accessible or not these days, I imagine it is though.



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Using Windows 10 and Jaws 18.

Using Jaws, is it possible to setup an account and purchase items on Amazon without sighted help? I’ve never setup an account on any web site so I’m not sure what to expect.

Thank you for any tips and advice in advance.


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