moderated Re: Has anyone had success using jaws with the latest version of c cleaner whether standard or professional?


using jaws 16 and the latest version of cleaner. if you wan't to use it like the old versions, after you press enter to open cleaner, tab once and that is the custom button. hit the spacebar on that. that will open cleaner in the old looking form. using jaws 2019 opperates the same way.hope this helps.

On 7/14/2019 7:04 AM, David Ingram wrote:
I'm writing to see if anyonehas had success using jaws versions 16 to 2019 with ccleaner and what were the results.  I'm currently trying to use c cleaner with jaws version 16 but the problem is nothing seems to happen when I press enter on any of the buttons.  I'd also like to label these buttons.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I should proceed.  The version of jaws i'm using is 16. 

Dennis Cornelison


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