moderated Re: Activating Focus 40 with JAWS

Les Kriegler

Hi Ann,

The same thing happened to me recently. Before you can set up the Focus in
Jaws, you have to go into Bluetooth settings in Windows and add the display
there. You'll put in code 0000 and once it's detected in Windows, then you
can set it up in Jaws. If it's there now, I'd remove the Focus from Jaws
and then pair in Windows first.


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Sent: Saturday, July 13, 2019 10:38 PM
Subject: Activating Focus 40 with JAWS

JAWS 2019 latest, and JAWS 2018 latest
Windows 10, 1903

I have added the focus display under utilities. When I go to
basics/options/braille JAWS tells me the default display is focus, and the
active display is "no display". I can change active display to Focus while
in the dialog, but when I press ok the active display once again becomes "no
display". Obviously I am missing something. Rescue would be appreciated.



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