moderated The Jaws Picture Smart is not always available

Peter Tesar

Hello Group,


I’m using the latest Win 10 1903 and Jaws 2019.


I’m using Picture Smart for only a few weeks and it seems to be available only sometimes.

Is this the nature of the service or am I doing something wrong?


I first open and close the file in the photo viewer.

In File Explorer I highlight the file and then I use the layered command followed by “p” and “f”.

Picture Smart is in progress but only sometimes do I get the text caption.


I also tried putting the file names in the Picture Smart folder.

I have used both JPG and Bit Map formats.


If Picture Smart is not successful the first time, or second etc, it might eventually work.

Most of the time it doesn’t.


Is the Picture Smart service unreliable?


Peter T.

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