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JM Casey

I still use Firefox; it does not seem particularly bloated to me  and there are many extensions for quantum versions, like uBlock Origin for instance, which I have installed. But, indeed, no webvism – which I never got to work anyway, on *any* version of Firefox – not to say that it doesn’t for some people, but it never solved a thing for me.

Firefox’s biggest problem, for me, is that it now seems to struggle with large pages, even when those pages mostly contain text and links and practically nothing but.

It’s still my preferred browser, though, and works great with most things. You’ll need a newer screen-reader though, definitely.



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Chrome will not work with JAWS 15.?? The earliest version of JAWS that works with Chrome is JAWS 18.?? Same for the latest version of Firefox.?? It will not work with JAWS 15, either.?? I think the latest version of Firefox that works with JAWS 15 is Firefox 52 ESR, which is obsolete, although Webvisum still works with it.?? Therefore, in order to use the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox with JAWS, the best solution would be to purchase a one year license for JAWS 2019 for $90, or else switch to NVDA.?? Chrome is probably the best browser to use in most situations, although some web sites may still be more accessible with IE.?? Many users now avoid Firefox altogether, because it no longer allows third party extensions, and has become a bloated, screwed-up mess that is slow and prone to crashes and freezes.





On 7/4/2019 12:16 AM, Jacob wrote:

There's no newer version of IE. So even if your Firefox or Chrome is older then use them if it works.

OZ0TE Jacob

On 2019-07-04 02:25 Jerry hathaway wrote:

I am using Jaws 15 on windows 7 and IE 11. Lately when I go to some websites I get a message that my browser is invalid and they want me to choose a updated browser. I want to know if there is a fix so I can still use IE 11 or a higher upgrade to IE. I have Chrome and Firefox on my computer but they may be older versions of their programs. Any solutions to this issue will be appreciated.





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