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JAWS doesn't really come into it. This is all Windows stuff, available to

Usually you will find a new external drive is assigned a drive letter
logically/alphabetically based on how many drives are already attached/a
part of your system. That isn't *always* the case, I find, but it is 99% of
the time. So, if you know you have just a system hard drive (usually given
the letter c:) and that your DVD drive (if you have one) has the letter
"d:", when you plug in your external drive, it should be assigned the letter
I always have autoplay turned off, so nothing really appears to happen when
I plug in a drive, but it will show up in "this PC" as mentioned right
beneath this message. I can also open the run box with windows key + r and
then type in the drive letter to open it.
For example, my drive letters currently go up to "i:". If I plug in one of
my other externals, it becomes "j:". So, I type windows key + r, then "j:"
(don't forget the colon", enter, and the drive opens. From there, you can
create folders, move files around, copy stuff, delete stuff -- just like you
would any other drive.

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Thank you for the input. I'm not a "power user" of Jaws but hopefully with
the suggestions I've been given on this list I'll be able to figure it out.


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I go into this computer then usually hit ctr. Then, the end key. That takes
me to the bottom of the list where generally external devices are. Then as
mentioned after opening it, paste the contents from the other source into
the ext. drive. As with computers, there are many ways to do things, some
are complicated and some are easy. I watched a video on something pertaining
to computers and the way the person showed how to do it was very complicated
and round about. I figured out a quicker and much less complicated. In
other words, a straighter route rather then going around the bush to get

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Yes it would.
Think of the hard drive as a mammoth thumb drive.
PatAt 09:59 AM 7/4/2019, you wrote:
When I place a thumb drive into my computer I have to go to file
explorer and find that drive (drive d) ...... Would this be the same
route to find the external hard drive?


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What I've done is to paste my files or folders from wherever they live
to the new external drive. When you open the drive there will probably
be nothing listed unless there is some software from the drive
So move what you want and you will have copies of what you transferred.
Hope this helps.
Pat Byrne
P S The new drive will appear under the "c" and "d" drives and
whatever else is listed and will have the next available letter
designator.At 09:42 AM 7/4/2019, you wrote:

I have a new external hard drive that I would like to put some
folders and files on. I've never used an external hard drive and
have no clue what to do to accomplish this once I've plugged it into

I'm using Windows 10, Jaws 18 and Word 2016.

Could somebody please advise? .. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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