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Kevin Minor

Hi Michael.


I agree that this process of pairing devices in Windows 10 SHOULD be simple enough, but it isn’t working, which is why I installed the software drivers for the dongle.  I’m using the latest version of both JAWS and Windows 10, and I’m doing what was working before.  I hit INSERT+I to get into settings, then I search for Blue until the Bluetooth settings appear.  I then hit that.  Now, here’s where the problem is.  Shouldn’t there be an option where you can turn Bluetooth on and off?  Well, it was there in Windows for me with the dongle, but it’s not there anymore.  I do know the dongle works, and I can pair it with my iPhone through the software for the CSR dongle.  I think that what I need to do is somehow get Windows to think the dongle is totally gone, unplug it, plug it back in, and then let Windows reload the native drivers it has.  The instructions for the dongle indicate this should work, and indeed it did before, but it isn’t working now.  What in the world do I do?  I called up Microsoft Disability about this twice.  One time we got it working, but when it failed again, we couldn’t get it working, and the problem was supposedly escalated, but I haven’t heard from them about it.  Anybody know what I can do to fix this, short of either reformatting the drive and installing Windows again, but this old laptop has seen its better days, so I’m hoping to avoid that.  It’s either that, or I throw the whole thing through what the OS is named for, but then I couldn’t use it with the Focus, so I don’t think that’s a good idea either.  I’m sure the solution is really simple, but I just don’t know what it is.


Thanks, Michael, for your thoughts, and if anybody else has any ideas, they would be very much appreciated.


Kevin and Jilly


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Subject: Re: What choice do I use to get a Focus Blue paired so it works with JAWS?


Hi Kevin.  If you are running windows 10, you should be able to add the Focus fairly easily.  I've done this with several braille displays in the past. You will first need to access your settings by pressing Windows plus the letter I.  Then, under the devices category, select bluetooth and other devices.  Once you have that selected, tab over to the add blue tooth device.  A list should display, and the focus should show up.  Press enter on it, and Windows should do the rest. 

Then, you will have to set up your display in JAWS, and make sure JAWS is pointing at the correct device. You will set up your display under the Synthesizer and braille options in JAWS. Follow the steps there, and it should work for you.



Subject: What choice do I use to get a Focus Blue paired so it works with JAWS?




I will very soon be the proud owner of a Focus 40 Blue display, but I have a really simple question about it, and it deals with pairing it so it works over Bluetooth.  I had to get a Bluetooth dongle for my Windows 10 laptop, because the one in it is broke.  I can’t get Windows to pair with other devices through it like the instructions claim, so I installed the drivers that came with the dongle.  I now have this nice piece of software with the CSR dongle, but I’m not quite sure what to do from here.  My question is, what kind of a device is the Focus?  I have several options to choose from, such as a phone and headphones, but they’re not what I want.  I have three choices to select from, but I don’t know which one to use.  They are: Keyboard, Computer, and All.  Now, just which one do I use?  I’d try Keyboard, but I don’t know if that’s good enough, because JAWS sends data to the display to read.  I think Computer is overkill, so I don’t think it’s that one either.  All might be what I want, but I’m not really familiar with using Bluetooth.  Can someone give me some help?  I’m asking here, because if I want to use the Focus over Bluetooth with JAWS, I need to get this working, but I’m a newbie at this.  Once I learn, I’ll be more than happy to pay the kindness forward for someone else out there.


Thanks in advance for the help, and if things really work out well, I might have one of these neat things in my grubby little hands next week.  There’s a good and bad side to that, though.  The good side is I’ll have it.  The bad side is if I get it now, my financial advisor, also known as Mom will kill me for doing it, so I won’t get to use it.  Even worse, I probably wouldn’t even be buried with it because she’d send it back.  All kidding aside, Mom has my best interest at heart, and she might holler a bit, but I’ll deal with it and go on from there.


Have a great day and don’t work too hard.

Kevin and Jilly

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