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Michael Baldwin

Sure, we can chat off list about trading and the like, but this info might be helpful to others so I'll leave it on here.

This is how it do options on ETrade with Chrome and Jaws 18.

After loging in, I press e to go to the first edit field to enter my symbol.

I have to do ctrl+a before entering the symbol.

For this example I am going to use TER, it formed a doji on Friday so i want to watch it for a possible gap up on Monday to see if it is going to go bullish.

Ctrl+f to find "Last Price".

Up arrow, in this case 5 times, until Jaws reads the options link.

Can also press 1 to go to the first heading which will read the company name, then down arrow until Jaws reads the options link.

I like the first way because sometimes they will have the upcoming earnings or dividends listed between the "last Price" and the links.

Selecting the options link takes you to a basic options chain that has calls on the left and puts on the right.

Pressing T takes you to the start of the table, and Jaws reads "calls span 7".

I down arrow once to hear the date of the current chain, and it will always be the most recent chain.

I now use the ctrl+alt+down arrow. What Jaws reads seems to depend on the browser. In Chrome I get "last", and in IE I get "Bid".

In either case I continue holding down the ctrl+alt and use the right arrow key until I here "strike Price".

ETrade shows 7 strike prices by default, so the fourth one down is the ATM strike.

Using TER for an example, that would be the $47 strike.

I am bullish on TER so I use ctrl+alt+left arrow to read the call info for the 47 strike, it goes ask, bid, last, change, volume, open interest, details link, trade link.

    Open interest for this strike is 283, I ctrl+alt+up and down arrow through the open interest of the other strikes, because some times high open interest is where the institutions have placed there bets.

The 48 Strike is 1091, 50 has a lot more, but that is to far OTM for the time that is left for me.
I ctrl+alt+left arrow to go to the details link on the 48 strike for the 48 call, and select that link.
On the new screen I press T to get to the start of the table that has last, change, bid, ask, volume, and a links to buy or sell.
Press T a second time takes you to a table that has open, previous close, open interest, intrinsic value, time premium, and option type. This table has the labels down the left side, and the values down the right.
T a third time gets you a different table, but is an extension of the previously described one with last day of trading, expiration date, exercise style, and options multiplier.
The 4th table is a very minimal options chain with detail links for 5 strikes with calls on the left and puts on the right. I don't find it very useful.
The 5th table has the current ticker information.
Under the 5th table are charts, No short cut to get to them, so you have to go to the 5th table and arrow through to that info, but I don't find it useful.
The 6th table is a form that lets you adjust some of the variables that effect option pricing.
The 7th table has the Greeks.
Under that is disclaimers.

If you wish to trade this option under the first table select the buy or sell link. The buy is for buy to open, and sell is for sell to open. This can be changed on the order entry screen so it doesn't really matter which link is selected.
The option info strike, expiration and type are prefilled in when going to the order entry, but in Chrome, if I were to change one thing, it removes all info and I have to enter it directly, IE doesn't have this problem, but it takes 30 seconds or so for the order entry screen to open. I am guessing this has to do with some settings in my browser, but not sure.

Going back to the basics option chain, the first page after selecting options from the symbols quote page.
To change the date of the options chain I press T to get to the start of the options chain table and press up arrow.
The date layout seems to vary on browsers for some reason as well.
3 presses of the up arrow takes me to "all months", Jaws doesn't say link but it is clickable. I find using the space bar is more consistent for activating it instead of using the enter key, not sure why it would make a difference. In chrome I also need to do it twice. The first time jumps the cursor to somewhere different on the screen for some reason. Trying to view all months on something like the SPY with lots of expiration dates will get you an error.

The next press of the up arrow should get you "graphic osi/b_arrow_rt_inactive". If Jaws doesn't read this, you'll need to turn graphics to all. Selecting this advances the date list by one more in to the future. For TER all available dates are shown, but on the SPY they wouldn't be.

One more up arrow takes you to the list of the dates. The layout seems to differ depending on browser and symbol. Sometimes Jaws reads them all left to right, and in this case I use the ctrl+right arrow to read word by word and when I get to the one I want I press space bar. Sometimes Jaws will read a new date with each press of the up or down arrow, depending where you are in the list. And other times there it one date per line, but the next line might have multiple dates on it.

When Jaws reads "graphic osi/b_arrow_lft_inactive" you are at the top of the date list. This of course moves the dates back if you went to far forward, does not show anything in the past.

Starting back at the top of this screen I press C for the first Combo box. This lets you change the option chain from the standard calls and puts to puts or calls only, various spreads, and other options strategies.

Below that is an edit box for changing the number of strikes displayed. You can enter a number or "all". This updates when you tab away from the edit field. The previous combo box does not do that.

The next edit box is to change the price where you show strike prices near. I like ITM options so instead of showing all strike prices I could adjust the table to show the strikes near 40. This also updates when tabbing away.

Down arrow a few more times and Jaws will say "Graphic osi/b_go_act", this is what you select if you change something in the form and it doesn't update.

Below that is a checkbox for adjusted options.

I think that pretty much covers stuff for the options, feel free to ask if I wasn't clear on something.


On 7/5/2019 10:15 AM, mike mcglashon wrote:

right now to view and option chain I have to go to MarketWatch or Yahoo finance.
Apparently to go get the probabilities of full profit and loss on E*TRADE there’s an option to click her but you only you can only click on it with a mouse.
I haven’t figured out how to view the change themselves on the E*TRADE platform.
However we probably want to go off list with this because now we might be getting into stuff that is in jars anymore.

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On Jul 5, 2019, at 8:13 AM, Michael Baldwin <mbaldwin577@...> wrote:

I use ETrade for stock and options. No major issues for me. The one thing that bugs the heck out of me is I have to delete the word "symbol" before putting in my ticker to get a quote on. They have also changed some formatting recently so I can no longer press "t" to get to the top of the quote. In Chrome on the order screen for either stock or options, i have to re-enter all the information, but in IE I don't, but it runs a lot slower loading the order screen for some reason.

The options chain can be viewed on a few different pages, how are  you viewing it?


On 7/2/2019 2:55 PM, mike mcglashon wrote:

Hey guys:


Is there anyone on this list who trades stocks and/or options with e-trade using jaws?


I currently trade on that platform, and,

I find the stock order sheets good but the options chains don’t seem to read with jaws, meaning,

I cannot hit enter on the options chain, a mouse click seems to only do;


Any tricks or tips will be most appreciated.


Please advise as you like.


Mike M.


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