moderated Re: Jaws with Power Point Tutorial

David Goldfield


While I'm not able to provide personal assistance in the use of Powerpoint there are definitely resources available.

First, Freedom Scientific has archived two recent webinars on Powerpoint.

While Brian Hartgen's course covering Powerpoint with JAWS is not free it's certainly worth considering as Brian is an excellent trainer.

David Goldfield, Assistive Technology Specialist WWW.David-Goldfield.Com
On 7/5/2019 11:51 PM, Jaffar Sidek wrote:

Hi.  I have to come up with a Power Point presentation in two weeks presenting my ideas for a software project for my company. I believe there are some of you here who are very good with using Jaws with Power Point.  If you are able to help, Please contact me off list at jaffar_sidek@... so we can discuss some financial arrangement to compensate for your time.  I would prefer written documentation so that I can keep it for future reference as I will be called upon to come up with more presentations in the future.  Please do not clutter the list with your replies but contact me directly via the address given above.  On list replies will not be entertained.  Thank you and cheers!

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