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i use ie to make bookmarks on the desktop. then i use waterfox as my defalt brouser and they open that way. the same would be for krome or firefox.

On 7/5/2019 2:13 PM, Barbara wrote:

Hello David,


I like your idea below.  I have been using both Firefox and Internet Explorer.  I recently installed Chrome.  I placed on my desktop a link to the Internet Explorer Favorites list folder.  So now I can use this same list for both of the browsers.  However when I tried to use this with Chrome, it did not work.  I got garbage for web results.  Do I need to change the Favorites file format for Chrome?  Is there a specific method I must use to access the desktop folder? Some other ideas?


I am using a Windows 7 computer.





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There is a nice and easy way to deal with bookmarks in Chrome, favorites in IE, etc. Personally,

I think that accessing and managing bookmarks in Chrome in Firefox is very clunky. By

contrast, it is extremely easy to access and manage favorites in IE.


If you create a desktop shortcut for your favorites folder, you can open the favorites in whatever

browser you have chosen as your default. I have Chrome as my default browser, maintain all my

favorites in IE, and open them from the desktop with Chrome. I make no effort to maintain

bookmarks in Chrome or Firefox, And in Windows 10, it is very easy to change your default

browser via the Control Panel.






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