Re: using jaws with a program called Ibm Spss

Drew Hunthausen

Unfortunetly SPSS is not accessible with Jaws. I was faced with this problem
the last two semesters with my data analysis and research methods classes.
There are two ways that I know of to get around this problem. There is no
way to make Jaws work with the program, but fortunetly in my course we did
all the computer work in groups. I worked with my sited partners so that I
got the core material, but they entered all the data into the SPSS program.
You should talk with your professor and see if working in a group or with a
partner is possible as an accommodation. Just make sure you have help
memorizing the main components of SPSS even though your not using it
directely as for possible questions on exams. Hope this helps, and feel free
to ask anything else off list or as a reply.

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Subject: using jaws with a program called Ibm Spss

Hello everyone,

I'm currently enrolled in a statistics course in which a program
called IBM SPSS is used. Unfortunately, I have not had much luck at
all at getting jaws 12 to work with IBm SPSS 19. Have any of you ever
used this program and know if there's anything I can do to make jaws
read the menus, or perhaps you've heard of some information? I would
greatly appreciate any information at all and thank you ahead of time.


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