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On Thu, Jul 4, 2019 at 10:42 AM, Laura Richardson wrote:
I have a new external hard drive that I would like to put some folders and files on.  I’ve never used an external hard drive and have no clue what to do to accomplish this once I’ve plugged it into my computer.
You've already received great advice so far.  There's no real difference, from the end-user on the computer perspective, between an external HDD, SSD, or thumb drive.  All will just show up in File Explorer as another drive on the system.

I do have several suggestions, the first of which is to think about assigning a drive letter of your own choosing for an external HDD using Disk Management (which you can find via a search on "partitions" and will show up as the top result as "Create and format hard disk partitions."   In this case you won't be doing either of the two things mentioned in the title.   The reason I suggest this, and that I do it for myself, is that it makes it much easier to know that when you see something like drive V showing up in your File Explorer that you know exactly which drive you're dealing with.  There are times when automatic drive letter assignment can get confusing as devices are inserted and removed.

Second, since you're a Windows 10 user, if you are not using File History to keep a backup of your precious user data I suggest you do so.

Third, if you don't currently have a full system image backup protocol in place, where you run said backup on a monthly basis, nuking the old backups immediately after the latest is taken (or at least all but the two most recent) consider doing that, too.


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