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There is no point calling Vispero about something like that, it is completely unrelated to Jaws and even if Jaws had something to do with it, one could hardly expect them to still support a version which was released in 2013 and which is now 5 versions and almost 6 years out of date, in 4 months Jaws 2020 will come out and then there will already be 6 major releases since Jaws 15. II guess for some people it’s sufficient to stay with one computer and this setup for so long, but it is clear that with each year they will most likely run into more issues and potential compatibility problems like the one that was described with certain websites not supporting a discontinued browser. IE may remain on life support so to speak for a number of years, but I think in many cases even large corporations who may have internal websites which were built for that may still use it for that, but their employees may use browsers like Chrome to access the rest of the Internet.

If the original poster encounters a website or web sites which don’t support IE any more or don’t work well with it then there is nothing that can be done except to use a different browser. I wasn’t even aware that Jaws 15 had Chrome support, I remember once having some sort of issue last year and I reinstalled Jaws 16 on a PC for testing purposes and I seem to remember that it didn’t work with Chrome.






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i’m not sure about the issue. I would call Visparo and tell them about it.

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I am using Jaws 15 on windows 7 and IE 11. Lately when I go to some websites I get a message that my browser is invalid and they want me to choose a updated browser. I want to know if there is a fix so I can still use IE 11 or a higher upgrade to IE. I have Chrome and Firefox on my computer but they may be older versions of their programs. Any solutions to this issue will be appreciated.




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