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Laura Richardson

When I place a thumb drive into my computer I have to go to file explorer
and find that drive (drive d) ...... Would this be the same route to find
the external hard drive?


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What I've done is to paste my files or folders from wherever they live to
the new external drive. When you open the drive there will probably be
nothing listed unless there is some software from the drive manufacturer.
So move what you want and you will have copies of what you transferred.
Hope this helps.
Pat Byrne
P S The new drive will appear under the "c" and "d" drives and whatever
else is listed and will have the next available letter designator.At 09:42
AM 7/4/2019, you wrote:

I have a new external hard drive that I would like to put some folders
and files on. I've never used an external hard drive and have no clue
what to do to accomplish this once I've plugged it into my computer.

I'm using Windows 10, Jaws 18 and Word 2016.

Could somebody please advise? .. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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