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See this link for the results of a Google search which includes a number of videos demonstrating Jaws and NVDA

comparison of jaws and nvda



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Hello Anna

To my personal experience I would say that NVDA fills most of your needs for home use. I mean if you use your computer just for mailing, basic word processing and media playing, that's good. But honnestly, i perosnnaly use both depending on the situation. There are cases where NVDA can detect things that Jaws doesn't and vice-versa. For example, on Windows 10 modern apps, NVDA makes the job better than Jaws. But on the Internet, I prefer using Jaws because it is smarter in rendering content.

For professional use,  to my opinion, Jaws is far more powerful, typically when you have to use dedicated job apps that are more and more web based applciations, or simply for using with Powerpoint..


But all of this is only my own point of view.


Le 29/06/2019 à 01:32, Anna Givens a écrit :

Good evening,
I’m wondering if someone could tell me about the differences between JAWS and NVDA. I know NVDA is free and JAWS is not. I’m wondering why people choose JAWS, and what NVDA is good for. Commonalities, differences, preferences, etc.
Thanks so much,
Anna E


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