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Hi Costas,

Well, I'm glad it was such an easy solution and this worked for you.
It's not always so easy, I switch back and forth many times a day between using the accessibility display driver and not using it because even inside one application, my accounting software, some screens don't read at all when it is checked but do when it is not and vice versa.

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Dear Sieghard. I don't find words to thank you very much. Your solution works very fine. Thanks again for your breaf explanation.

2019-07-02 21:07 GMT+03:00, Sieghard Weitzel <>:
As much as you may not like this answer, there may not be a good
solution for this.
The Jaws cursor under Windows 10 has not nearly as much access to
information as it did under Windows 7 simply because of how Microsoft
allows screenreaders to get access to what is on the screen. I use a
couple of applications at my store for accounting and my point of sale
where I have similar issues.
Vispero is working on this and you could try and see what happens if
you turn off the accessibility display driver which is what Jaws has
been using for a long time to get information. Do the following and
then open your program and see if it helped:

1. Open Jaws Settings Center with Jaws Key + 6 on the number row 2.
Make sure you have the default settings loaded by pressing Control +
Shift + D 3. Type "acc" (the first 3 letters of accessibility) in the
search box, then tab once and you should have the following two
Speak Access Keys Within Web Pages checked, Reading
Use Accessibility
Driver for Screen Capture checked, Miscellaneous not checked 4.
Press the spacebar on the second option, Use Accessibility Display
Driver" to clear the checkbox 5. Tab twice to OK and activate it.
6. Make sure you remember or keep these steps because you may find
that some applications work better with the old accessibility display
driver checked and some may work better when it is unchecked.
And there is a bit of good news, Vispero is working on restoring more
of the old Jaws cursor functionality with the new so-called GDI
hooking method which is basically what Jaws uses to get information
when the accessibility display driver is unchecked.
Lastly, you may want to try the touch cursor with your program and see
if you get anything with that, you can activate it by pressing Shift +
PC Cursor (Numpad +), press the PC cursor twice quickly to deactivate
the touch cursor again. You can read more about it here:
Jaws Help > Help topics > Using Jaws > About cursors > Using the Touch


Best regards,

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Subject: Jaws does not read the content of screen using jaws cursor.

Hello dear listers. For a long time i use a programm in order to
trader in a exchange platform. The programm run under windows 7 who
was the operating system using the jaws 15 version. Before few days
ago i upgrade to windows
10 32 bit using the jaws 2019 version. How ever when i load the same
programm in the new operating system the jaws does not read any
content in the screen using the jaws cursor. I am able to read only
the top and the bottom of the window. Any recomentation for a solution
is wellcome and thanks for any assistance.

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