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Munawar Bijani <munawarb@...>

I've generally found brokerages to be unwilling to make accessibility changes. A lot of it has to do with their graphs being so tightly integrated with their platforms.

On Jul 2, 2019, at 4:54 PM, l. radical <> wrote:

Hello Mike. I don't know for this platform but i have tested some
others such as gci for forex, metatrader, the saxobank, fxcm, and ava
trade. A good solution is to ask from your broker if they support the
metatrader who is enough accessible for us. Also try the web platform
if the e-trade provides this possibility and try for accessibility.

2019-07-02 22:55 GMT+03:00, mike mcglashon <>:
Hey guys:

Is there anyone on this list who trades stocks and/or options with e-trade
using jaws?

I currently trade on that platform, and,

I find the stock order sheets good but the options chains don't seem to
with jaws, meaning,

I cannot hit enter on the options chain, a mouse click seems to only do;

Any tricks or tips will be most appreciated.

Please advise as you like.

Mike M.

Mike mcglashon

Email: <>

Ph: 618 783 9331

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