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The Iowa Gal <iowagal728@...>

Hi, thanks for the comment but if you read my initial post carefully it will explain in detail what I’m trying to do and what I tried to do it. But it’s all good now.



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Not sure, the post  button is right there for me, though it’s labelled “comment button”. Perhaps facebook is temporarily broken for you. They have a number of servers and they’re not all always fully functional at the same time. If you tab once from the field you type into though to leave a comment, you should normally find that button immediately using firefox.





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Subject: Posting a comment to FB


Hi group,


Using current Jaws with Firefox, Brave and I.E. I received a message saying I was mentioned in a comment. I use the link to go to FB but after I write my comment, I am unable to find a button to post. I see buttons for inserting an emoji, attaching a photo, posting a GIF or sticker only. I couldn’t even find the string on the mobile site. What am I missing here? Looking forward to someone ending my struggle…




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