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Gudrun Brunot

Hi all: I actually do alt-d to highlight the url in the address bar;
copy it to the clipboard. If I'm on a hunt for something and want to save a
few addresses as bookmark; I have a notepad file open. If I need to; ai
write som e identifier above the url; apst it in on its own line below the
identifier. When I have the ones I want to put into favorites; I call up old
Internet Explorer and do control-o; paste in the url; then alt-a to grab
that as a favorite. I do the same with the ones I've caught with Crome. So;
basically; I'm still using IE--instead of getting a third-party favorites
manager. I just can't stand not having my favorites conveniently available
on my hard drive ready to grab sith my hotkey anywhere. Yes; it may not be
the fastest way imaginable; but it works and I get the favorites where I
want them and can move them into their proper folder/subfolder to my heart's


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But no way to actually organize them in folders like IE? What will happen if
I import all my folders from IE?


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Hi Sharron,

I actually found bookmarks the hardest transition when I first moved from IE
to chrome, but now use chrome all the time and almost never use IE any more.
One tip I can give regarding bookmarks which I found really helpful with
Chrome is there is a key combination to quickly access bookmarks in a list
similar to how IE displays them. If you press and hold ALT and then press F
(it should say context menu at this stage), then release alt and f, press b
(it should say something like bookmarks sub menu), simply press right cursor
key and you're in the list of bookmarks. I realised As I wrote that it
actually sounds more complicated than it actually is , but I do find this
key stroke a really quick and easy way of accessing bookmarks in chrome.
Hope that helps.


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What do you mean as menus being quite as deep as? I'm confused about
bookmarks for example in both Firefox and Google Chrome. IE is so simple. I
don't know what I'm missing here.


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I don't think there is one best web browser. The chromium-based ones are
okay, although I try to avoid actual google chrome because of its spying.
I'd much rather use brave it blocks ads and lets me read things where other
browsers just say you have to subscribe or allow ads. I like firefox for
the fact that its menus aren't buried quite as deep as chromium-based
browsers. Other than the menus they all basically work the same, so there
really is no reason to restrict yourself to only using one browser.

On 6/26/2019 15:07, James Gashel wrote:

Hi all:

Please post your recommendations of what you think is the best web
browser to use with the latest version of JAWS. I seem to go back and forth
on this and would like to settle down and really learn using what folks
think is best.



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