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Jaffar Sidek

Hi Annabelle.  If you create a native win32 or console application with c++, No special accessibility code is needed as screen readers in general are able to interpret native windows applications quite well.  There are, however accessible enhancing libraries you could use to enhance your program's accessibility if you so wish.  Tolk is a good example.  Search for it's github page on Google for more info. Cheers!

On 6/30/2019 7:46 AM, Annabelle Susan Morison wrote:
Hi, it's Annabelle.
I'm beginning to create a project in C++ with Codeblocks, and I wonder, are there specific C++ codes for creating accessibility features in a program? Also, does anybody know if there are C++ codes for creating things like buttons, checkboxes, combo boxes, hotkeys, header bars (which I think might be the same as title bars), list boxes, list views, password edits, radio buttons, sliders, text areas, text boxes, tree views, and the like? If so, where would I find them?
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