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You can check the QT framework. I've used it in python for GUIs and in V++ for console applications. The GUI framework that definitely does render accessible content is WS. QT, although the most popular, was a hit or miss for me.

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That's cool with me. I wasn't sure where to send it, so I thought some of you might know something about what I asked.

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I’m going to forward this question to a more appropriate list that deals with programming.




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Hi, it's Annabelle.

I'm beginning to create a project in C++ with Codeblocks, and I wonder, are there specific C++ codes for creating accessibility features in a program? Also, does anybody know if there are C++ codes for creating things like buttons, checkboxes, combo boxes, hotkeys, header bars (which I think might be the same as title bars), list boxes, list views, password edits, radio buttons, sliders, text areas, text boxes, tree views, and the like? If so, where would I find them?

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