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Peter Tesar

Yes Bill,

I responded too soon and realized that the question was about restarting Jaws.

I sent the DOS  command for shutting down or rebooting the computer.  This I have in a desktop shortcut with a hot key to speed up the process.

The force option used to always work in Win 7. Now it doesn't in Win 10.

If some applications are still open Jaws stops but the screen has the warning about closing an open application.



On 6/28/2019 10:00 AM, Bill White wrote:

Hi, Peter. That doesn’t force a JAWS restart. That forces a computer restart. Totally different!


Bill White



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I have this DOS command in my desktop shortcut.


   C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe -s -f -t 00


the 's is for shutdown, -r is for reboot

the -f is for force (It doesn't work as well as it did in Win7

The -t is the time to wait -- 0 mili seconds


The command shutdown.exe might work without the path.

You could move the shutdown.exe file to your root directory.


Peter T.



On 6/28/2019 4:53 AM, Tanguy LOHEAC wrote:

Hello all

Do you know any command line that can force jaws to restart?

This is because i'm using a program on my laptop that disables the Jaws key. And th only way to restore it is to restart Jaws. But i wish i could write a batch file that would make it automatically after this program has been run.

thank you for any suggestions


Have a nice day



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