Re: [Bulk] Touch computer

Tom Lange

Hi Drew,
You wrote:

Did it take you very long to get used to the touch screen and layout of the
i-phone OS in comparison to a windows based OS? Thanks
Not really. There are a number of things to master, including learning the various gestures and when to use them with the different kinds of controls, and touch typing and editing can be a tricky business. Once you get the hang of those things, life with an IOS device gets much simpler. Regarding typing and editing, sometimes it's just easier for me to connect a bluetooth keyboard or pair the IOS device with my BrailleNote Apex. Those are great combinations, by the way.

One nice aspect of using IOS is that the user interfaces among apps that work well with VoiceOver are fairly consistent in how they operate. I have to qualify all this by saying that even after ten months with the iPhone, I still have a lot to learn, but I'm having fun doing it.


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