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JM Casey

I wish Vivaldi was a little cleaner with JAWS as it seems so nice and I love how customisable it is, but yeah. Truth is I’ve barely run it since I installed the thing. Still vaguely hoping for improvements, though.


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Don't give up on IE yet. It will occasionally  work when others wont do what you need them too. The truth is you need multiple browsers because each will work in a situation where the others wont. the new Chromium based Edge is pretty good. I use it as my default browser and use IE and Firefox on occasion. There will never be a single work on every webpage browser for us.

Vivaldi is not nearly as easy to use as advertised and I haven't tried water fox or Brave but I will be after reading this.


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Hi all:


Please post your recommendations of what you think is the best web browser to use with the latest version of JAWS. I seem to go back and forth on this and would like to settle down and really learn using what folks think is best.







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