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JM Casey

There should be a way to kill all child processes with a single command using process ID. I’ll look into this also.


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Subject: Re: command line to enforce jaws restart



You can kill JAWS by executing the taskkill command:

taskkill /IM "jfw.exe" /f


The problem with this approach is that you will also need to kill all of JAWS' child processes. When I have some time I'll go through task manager and see all of the different processes that JAWS has. You would use taskkill to kill them off one by one before restarting JAWS.


You also need to be running an elevated command prompt to execute taskkill.


If done successfully, here is what the output looks like:

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18362.175]
(c) 2019 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\WINDOWS\system32>taskkill /IM "jfw.exe" /f
SUCCESS: The process "jfw.exe" with PID 8856 has been terminated.


On 6/28/2019 8:31 AM, Dean Martineau wrote:

I googled JAWS command Line Options and didn’t get anything that seemed helpful.  


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Subject: Re: command line to enforce jaws restart


Hi Dean,

My objective is to make Jaws restart seemlessly so that users are not forced to deal with keystrokes. Some of my cleints get nervous and lose self-trust when its time to shutdown jaws and restart it manually.

Since this process is used when installing Jaws (automatically restart when install is complete), i thought there was a command line that could do the job.


Le 28/06/2019 à 14:05, Dean Martineau a écrit :

                Why not use the Keyboard Manager and assign a new hotkey to the ShutDownJAWS script?  We go through this sort of thing in the forthcoming windows Keyboard Power User Guide book. You could add a keystroke like, perhaps, shift+ctrl+z, or some other keystroke that you can remember, that doesn’t use a JAWSKey, and that isn’t used by other programs you’re using, so that you can use it to do what we do with JAWSKey+F4.





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Subject: Re: command line to enforce jaws restart


Hi Peter

thank you. However my initial was about Jaws restart, not Windows.

Nevertheless this would be helpful in other circumstances.

thank you

Le 28/06/2019 à 13:36, Peter Tesar a écrit :



I have this DOS command in my desktop shortcut.


   C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe -s -f -t 00


the 's is for shutdown, -r is for reboot

the -f is for force (It doesn't work as well as it did in Win7

The -t is the time to wait -- 0 mili seconds


The command shutdown.exe might work without the path.

You could move the shutdown.exe file to your root directory.


Peter T.



On 6/28/2019 4:53 AM, Tanguy LOHEAC wrote:

Hello all

Do you know any command line that can force jaws to restart?

This is because i'm using a program on my laptop that disables the Jaws key. And th only way to restore it is to restart Jaws. But i wish i could write a batch file that would make it automatically after this program has been run.

thank you for any suggestions


Have a nice day


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