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Having messed around with an iPad on a few occasions and my iPhone for
nearly ten months now, one thing that I've come to appreciate is knowing
exactly how screens are laid out. Screen readers are great tools, but
sometimes it's hard to get a clear idea of the spatial relationships between
screen elements.


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I don't know, but people with iPhones and iPads and iPod Touch's seem to love them.

At 03:46 AM 2/1/2012, you wrote:
Hi Lauren.

Why would screen reader users of computers want to faf about with a touch
screen computer??


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Jfw mailing list

Jfw mailing list
I find much help using touch screen in my iPhone. I was sighted for a long time and I can visualize in my mind the screen. I got to be very fast and I am able to point at a specific place and click what I want. This include typing.

Holger Fiallo

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